Director Sam Stier was invited to keynote the 2019 Shanghai International STEAM Education Expo, the largest event of its kind in China. Thousands of education professionals from across China, Europe, the U.S., and beyond attended the two-day event, hosted by STEAMEX China and the North American Youth Technology Education Association.

Organizers planned the event in order to “invite top experts in the industry to share their wisdom and successful experiences.”

Interest in Nature-inspired STEM education continues to grow within and beyond the U.S., including in major global regions such as Europe, India, and China. The Center for Learning with Nature continues to provide leadership, education resources and training to meet and nurture this interest.

Nature-inspired approaches to STEM learning provide a unique and much-needed voice among various approaches to STEM education, reminding educators that the natural world both historically and currently inspires unprecedented breakthroughs in technologies critical to modern life, including in AI and coding, robotics,  and much more. At the same time, Nature-inspired STEM approaches help prepare young people with the rigor and creativity they will need for success in college and career, while rebuilding a connection between young people and Nature essential to the successful development of a thriving human-built world and healthy future.