You may have seen people outdoors wearing one of our popular, bioinspired shirts or backpacks. The idea for this comes from studies showing that eyespots painted on the back of animals reduces attacks from predators.

Eyespots (false eyes) are common in Nature. Many butterflies have them, for example, and they are found on the backs of the ears of many wild cat species. The theory is that false eyes emerged through natural selection by reducing aggressive encounters. Predators, assuming they have been seen, presumably decide they have a lower chance of a successful, “surprise” attack. Studies have shown that painting eyespots on the back of animals reduces predation by an astonishing 15x or more! This one simple bioinspired idea has huge potential to reduce wildlife-livestock conflicts.

The Center for Learning with Nature has applied this idea to T-shirts and backpacks for people spending time outdoors. If you are hiking, biking, jogging, working, or otherwise outdoors where predators live, this shirt may help reduce the chance of an unpleasant encounter.

The shirts are sold and shipped through our partners at All proceeds from their sale go towards continuing our work.