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Pen and ink drawing of tree (in logo) by Steven Noble

Homepage student images courtesy of Hong Phuc, Bakken Museum, Eaglebrook School, Gates Foundation, and Cubmundo.

Homepage Nature images and videos courtesy of Mark Peters (dolphins); Earth Science and Remote Sensing Unit; NASA Johnson Space Center (view of Earth from the International Space Station); East Med Wanderer (purple mushrooms); Taylor Lockwood (glowing mushrooms); Earl Von Tapia (night sky); Noman West (Orange Tip Butterfly); Johan J.Ingles-Le Nobel (Snowy Owl); Alessandro Petrini (starry night video); Paul McKenzie (cranes in snow); Rajendra Soyantar (owl in tree); Radim Schreiber (fireflies); Andreas Kay (purple beetle); Paul Maury (American dipper); Linda Pitkin (soft corals, Indonesia; “pink broccolis”); CC by 2.0 by Dr. Shobha (falling Shorea robusta seeds); and Dale Sutton (grasshopper).

Homepage slideshow (2nd section) images courtesy of Sam Stier (boy and inch worm); Jessica Lucia (firefly); Sky Matthews (Paris at night); Grumpy O M (mussels); Purebond (plywood); James Niland (duck); Sam Stier (watch); Jay Ebberly (dolphins); Warren Antiola (tsunami); students (Tiffany Roberts); Mark Turnauckas (plastic utensils)

Homepage image (3rd section) courtesy of Gates Foundation

Engineering (middle/high school) landing page images courtesy of Joe Valtierra (girl looking into grass); Tony Eccles (flower close up); Carl Kurtz (fireflies; cpkurtz@netins.net; fine prints available); Steve Dunleavy (school of fish)

Engineering (middle/high school) curriculum explorer images courtesy of Florian Klauer (typewriter); Brian Gratwicke (gecko); Eric Eason, Biomimetic and Dextrous Manipulation Lab (gecko gloves); SSMG-ITALY (brick wall compressive forces); Wei-Feng Xue (tree roots in path); Altair (motorcycle); FEI taken by Louisa Howard (SEM of leaf); Matt Kleffer (brain coral), Francesca Cappa (close-up of leaf); Buddy Venturanza (ants); Jeff Kubina (close up strawberry); Carolyn (green snake); Ramos Keith, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (manatee); Taylor F. Lockwood (glowing fungi); Chris Parker (chameleon tail); Dallas Krentzel (Ecuadorian forest) and Sam Stier (image modification); Mike Allyn (dog shaking); Peter Dam (heron/plane); Haldane Martin (modular table); Cilibul (baobob); Bakken Museum (boy and lightbulb)

Engineering curriculum (try it): Jonathan Vega (rays)

Engineering (upper elementary) page images courtesy of Mike Dupre (cat-inspired coat), Dorna Schroeter (slug slipper drawing), and Cindy Cox-Longchamps (wetland cattails video).

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Support Us: Deshan Tennekoon/World Bank (girl in classroom); Cubmundo (boy and flower)

About Us: Bakken Museum (student image)

Gantry Park (Math Through Nature) by MusikAnimal (Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International)

Tree roots and sidewalk (Custom Curricula) by Clement Bucco-Lechat (Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0)

Tiger: Photo 80495760 | Cat Drinking © Andrey Gudkov | Dreamstime.com by license

Pygmy owl by Tim from Ithaca CC by 2.0

Eastern Eyed Click Beetle CC by 2.0 by Christina Butler from Georgia, United States

Serval cat by Profberger at English Wikipedia CC by SA 3.0

Claire Janisch, who gave us permission to use her wonderful turn of phrase: “Discover the genius inside you, by discovering the genius around you.”