Throughout human history, people have always been excited about getting together for big social gatherings, and for good reason. Meetings and conferences, today’s version, are a special time. Through these events, colleagues share information, connect with their professional community, and recharge for the work ahead.

If you would like to inspire your community of educators with the fascinating and vital world of Nature-oriented STEM, please contact us directly to request a speaker, or contact our agent at All American Entertainment. We also routinely deliver online keynotes, presentations, etc.


“Sam Stier’s insight into how nature can change the way we look at STEM and more importantly how we teach and do STEM is truly inspiring.  His ideas and thoughts on how educators can inject excitement and passion into their teaching by applying what nature has already figured out was incredible. One of the best keynote speakers we have ever had.”

Tamara Goetz, Director, Utah STEM Action Center, Utah Governor’s Office of Economic Development


Select list of previous speaking engagements:

2019 International STEAM Curriculum Developer Conference (Keynote). Shanghai, China. 2019.

Mid-Winter Conference, Utah Association of Elementary School Principles (Keynote). St. George, Utah. 2017.

STEM Best Practices Conference (Keynote). Salt Lake City, 2016.

Pioneering STEM in Africa (Invited Speaker). London, 2015.

Bridgewater State University STEM Conference (Plenary). Boston, 2015.

North Dakota STEM Conference (Keynote). Valley City, 2014.

Ontario Public Supervisory Officials Association (Keynote). Toronto, 2012.

Montana Educators Association (Keynote). Helena, 2011.