Michigan 7th Graders Design with Nature!

The Center for Learning with Nature was invited for the third year to participate and help lead the 3rd Annual BioFest in West Branch, Michigan.

BioFest, the brain child of Cynthia Cox-Longchamps of the Tolfree Foundation, includes a two-day Nature-filled experience at the Tolfree Wellness Park next to the West Branch Regional Medical Center for hundreds of local area 7th graders. With help from designers and educators John Longchamps, Chris Lugenbeal, Kyle Konechne, and Brent Mikkola, and partner organizations including the U.S. Department of Agriculture, U.S. Forest Service, and Natural Resources Conservation Service, 7th graders are led through a full day of Nature exploration and Nature-inspired design activities.

Taking a break from school to design with Nature…

Students observe Nature closely all morning, and design in the afternoon.

Director Sam Stier presents Nature-inspired innovation to a packed house.

Students pose with a sketch of their award-winning design, a water filter inspired by cattail structure and function.

BioFest is made possible through strong collaboration between many different complementary organizations.