We make amazing curricula...

Because the world is amazing.

Bring the Brilliance of Nature Into Your Classroom.

A great way to teach STEM.

The natural world is a uniquely powerful context for teaching school subjects in the classroom. Through award winning STEM curricula and professional development, we help teachers foster students’ academic advancement, love of learning, and aspirations to improve the world.

Critical skills at the cutting-edge.

The natural world is much more than a source of beauty and fascination. Innovation inspired by Nature (known also as bio-inspired innovation or biomimicry) is one of the most influential drivers of breakthrough technologies today… an ideal opportunity to teach STEM/STEAM in a captivating as well as relevant, 21st century way.

Timely and transformational.

STEM education is an opportunity for children to grow amazed and enamored with their world. Enrich how your students view Nature. Deepen their critical thinking skills about technology and sustainability. Expand what they see is possible. Transform what they aspire to be and do!

A Life Changing Way to Teach.

Education is an utterly singular opportunity.

We believe education should enrich each person’s quality of life, nurture a love of learning lasting a lifetime, and foster the prosperity of the planet and humankind.


"This course has been, without a doubt, my most absolute favorite course we've had at school so far! I wish we could have it all year like we have math."